Engineered in America
Made in Sri Lanka

APEX Hockey Pucks Inc. Is 100% American owned and operated in the state of New York.

Our standard game puck, the APEX, has been meticulously engineered to optimize gameplay for both recreational and competitive settings. Balancing attributes such as hardness and resilience, this design offers players a consistent and reliable performance across a spectrum of game scenarios.

In contrast, the APEX PRO sets itself apart by not only meeting but surpassing NHL standards, representing the pinnacle of professional-grade ice hockey pucks. The result of thorough research and development conducted by seasoned technicians and engineers, the APEX PRO boasts exceptional quality, durability, and performance, thereby establishing itself as the preferred choice for professional leagues and players seeking peak competitive edge.

Stemming from premium raw materials locally sourced from Sri Lanka, our pucks undergo a rigorous quality control assessment, ensuring that each product adheres to our stringent standards through individualized testing. In addition, the durability and performance of Apex pucks are crafted to endure the rigorous demands of ice hockey, delivering unwavering reliability throughout numerous games.

Despite upholding the highest benchmarks in quality and performance, APEX pucks are competitively priced to provide unparalleled value to our discerning customers. Furthermore, our commitment to compliance ensures that both Apex and APEX PRO variants are expertly tailored to satisfy the specific prerequisites of ice hockey games, with the APEX PRO aligning itself with NHL puck standards. This dedication underscores our assurance that players and teams can place unwavering trust in the quality and performance of our pucks across all levels of play.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!